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After the verification step, User deposits money via e-transfer (interac)

3.Wallet Address

Select your desired crypto and provide your wallet address with the network


We will deliver the crypto to your wallet and complete the trade

  • Powerful Crypto Wallet

    Wallet should be easy to use and support a large number of coins and tokens.

  • Fast Crypto Trading

    Best strategies are scalping, automated trading bots, and using manual technical analysis.

  • Global Payments

    Blockchain technology, provides a suite of tools to accept, spend, and store money across the globe.

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We believe in complete Customer Satisfaction and our goal is to provide crypto at the lowest possible margin to ensure affordable trading for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Whatever You Want.

Can I get my crypto back if the address is wrong?

No, you cannot recover your crypto if a wrong address is submitted, the transaction will be irreversible. 

How to buy crypto ?

Step 1: Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) form 

Step 2: Contact our team and we can chat about your specific requirements. Once we have an idea of desired crypto purchase, you can pay for the purchase via eTransfer or bank transfer
Step 3: Once we receive your payment, we will contact you to lock the trade and ask for your wallet address to send the crypto 
Disclaimer: Necosmart licensing restricts us to only provide crypto trading services to customers over 18 years of age with valid identification and bank account  

How to contact us

Please complete the form in the support section. Alternatively, you can reach us on WhatsApp or Telegram

Where is necosmart located ?

Our address is  10060 Jasper Ave, Tower 1, Suite 2020
Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8

What is Necosmart?

Necosmart is a company incorporated in Alberta ,Canada .It offers instant crypto services and provides the easiest way to buy and sell crypto for Canadians.

What is Crytpocurrency ?

Crypto currency is a virtual currency that is an alternative to the banking system. You can easily send and receive crypto from anywhere in the world.


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